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6 Tips for Better Business Meetings

How to Create Engaging, Efficient & Effective Business Meetings We have all sat through meetings when we wonder why are here.  Half the attendees are fiddling with their smart phones, the facilitator seems unprepared or doesn’t have a clear message.  One person continually chimes in and seems to have something to say about everything or you are left sitting there wondering what was the point of the meeting.  No one …Read More

6 Tips to Improving Your Tennis Game

A Great Time of Year for Tennis With the days getting cooler, it’s a wonderful time to hit the courts and improve your tennis game. Almost everyone in any sport hits a “wall” after a while. Here are some tips that might quickly improve your tennis game: Stay in Control As obvious as it might sound, stay in control of your body. In particular, keep your head steady when playing, …Read More

Golf Sun Safety Tips

Outdoor Sports & Sun Safety As we head into fall, most of us will still be spending time outdoors and on the golf course. Playing it safe in the sun is more than putting on some sunscreen.   We want you to be healthy fit and happy on the golf course and with your other outdoor sports. Follow these sun safety guidelines:   Understanding the Rays The sunlight that reaches us is …Read More

Planning an Unforgettable Anniversary Celebration

Tips for Planning Your Anniversary Celebration Hosting a wedding anniversary party shouldn’t be a chore and we can help to ensure it is anything but that at SRG&CC! Your party should be as special as the guests of honor. Not sure where to begin? These steps are intended to guide you through this process of planning a grand event and you may contact our event planner to ensure your celebration is all …Read More

Shave 4 Strokes From Your Golf Score

Improve Your Golf Score Whether a veteran golfer or a relative beginner, you can usually improve your golf score and enjoyment of the sport. Even a little additional knowledge as well as technique tips, especially for the short game, can take strokes off your final score and increase your enjoyment of the sport. Golfing on a superb golf course such as the Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club adds measurably to …Read More

Finding Your Authentic Golf Swing

Finding Your Swing The people I have known that love golf, tell me one of the main reasons they fell in love with the game was they were always competing against their personal best. One of my favorite movies about golf is “The Legend of Bagger Vance”. The “Legend of Bagger Vance” is about golf and finding your authentic swing, but  also about how life can send us challenges and it’s not …Read More

2013 Vintage Crush Tournament

  Great Golf  & Weather Held Our tournament players had three days of great golf at the Santa Rosa Golf & Country 2013 Vintage Crush Tournament. The weather was great, not as hot as it can get in September in Santa Rosa. The early storm of the season was kind to us and it mainly rained at night with over an inch or more of rain. The Vintage Crush Tournament …Read More