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 Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club  Rave Reviews

Read some of the wonderful reviews from our members, guests, and individuals who have attended weddings, banquets and corporate events at SRG&CC.


Hi, Don:

Well, I’d like to be able to tell you that our NCBE Annual Dinner Meeting this year at SRGCC was as good as the one we held there last year, but it wasn’t. It was even better.

I’m pleased to tell you that everything about the evening (with the exception of the Master of Ceremonies) received rave reviews from those who attended and much of the praise involves the performance of the Club management and staff.

In summary: The food was superb; the Banquet Room looked beautiful; the two-bar set-up with one inside and one on the patio worked perfectly; the food servers were their usual excellent selves; and everything ran right on time. As a veteran of hundreds of events, I can tell you that the Club and its people were exemplary that night. In fact, since I’m a guy who likes to whine and moan a lot, I am quite frustrated that you’ve left me with nothing to complain about.

I might add that Hallie Fraser of our staff, who coordinated the event for us, told me that Heather Mills was particularly good to work with before and during the Annual Dinner. (I would add that I have had the same experience in my dealings with Heather as well.) I also want to mention that Jose Tobar was his usual attentive self and it was comforting to know that both he and Heather were always nearby in case we had a problem. It was nice to have some good trouble-shooters on hand even if it turned out there were no troubles to shoot.

After 45 years in organizational management, I have come to admire and appreciate professionalism and it was on full display that night by everyone at SRGCC who was connected with our event. You can be proud, Don, of the team you’ve put together and the North Coast Builders Exchange certainly plans to return again next year in part because of them.

Keith Woods

Chief Executive Officer

North Coast Builders Exchange


Hi Heather,

You, the chef, the serving staff and the Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club were a huge hit. Thanks so much for all the extra effort you put into making this event a success.   Here are some of the comments from members of the Program Committee.  Please share these with those involved:

  • A good sized majority of the people in attendance,if not more, liked the new venue and said they would be willing to come for another lunch and an occasional dinner. This  seems that people were not particularly concerned about the length of the drive, at least on that day.
  • The Santa Rosa golf and country club was at least a 5+. Both meals were excellent and the right amount of food. The service was excellent and the facilities are beautiful. We should visit there again and often.
  • Venue was very nice, and food was very nice — I had the Cobb salad.  I’d go there for lunch or evenings any time.
  • Venue wise, SRGC was excellent in all regards. Beautiful room and setting; service was prompt ( especially when the salad and entree are combined), overall food was very good; good acoustics, screen was visible to all even back of the room.
  • I thought the new venue was brilliant.  The building is lovely and everyone at my table commented that the food was very good.
  • I love the SR Golf & Country Club & heard many great comments on today’s choice of venue.
  • Lunch venue at the Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club is excellent. Ambiance, food, service, bar, sound system, audio-visual all very good. I hope that we can return for more meetings. A great crowd on hand for an interesting presentation. I rank the speaker at 4.5.

 Now I wish we had an opening to add the SRGC before the end of the year.  But I would like to see if the following dates in early 2016 would be available.

 Looking forward to working with you much more in 2016.  Leanna Breese

‘Thank you very much for making my baby shower unforgettable for me.”

“With the professional care of the staff at the Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club for our event, we were well beyond well attended.  This member focus is why we belong to the SRGCC.  We can not be more appreciative or grateful.”

“The dinner was terrific.  From the moment we arrived to the moment we concluded, the entire experience was highly positive.  All the staff was flexible with some of the last-minute changes that became necessary, and this flexibility was greatly appreciated.  The food was delicious, everyone enjoyed it immensely, including the home-made warm apple pie crisp, and of course the setting overlooking the green golf course was wonderful.  We look forward to returning for future dinner’s at the Club.  In the meantime, please accept my thanks, and extend them to all involved.”

“Our benefit held at the SRGCC was an unqualified success due in part to the special effort made by the staff.  Our special events committee appreciates the efforts of Chef Jan Salisbury and her kitchen for their menu preparation and presentation.  Pre-event and last minute changes were readily addressed to make the evening’s experience seamless, resulting in many well-deserved compliments from our guests.  We have already reserved the Club for next years event.”

“Without your support and generosity, our prom held at the Club wouldn’t have been so successful.”

“The serving staff for our event was outstanding to a very high degree.”

“You folks at SRG&CC clearly have a great thing going on out there.  The kitchen staff outdid themselves with our delicious Prime Rib and Salmon meals; the bartenders got guests their coveted drinks quickly; your food servers were quick, friendly, and attentive; and the banquet rooms and views are perhaps the most elegant in Santa Rosa, if not all of Sonoma County.”

“I have been involved in literally hundreds of events like our annual dinner meeting held at hotels and other venues throughout the area.  I can say without hesitation that, overall, this was the best I’ve ever been a part of.”

“The bottom line is this: you and everyone at SRGCC didn’t just hit a home run with our event-you hit a grand slam.  The ultimate compliment I can pay you is that we’ll be back.”

“Our event was handled in a most impressive manner, from the Pro Shop to Food & Beverage.  Many comments were made on how well the greens and fairways are being maintained.  You gentleman are to be congratulated for the fine impression that our Club, SRGCC  gives to outsiders.”

“Beautiful country club. Unfortunately we weren’t in town to golf but we did enjoy the club and amenities. The staff was very polite and everything was nicely decorated.”    Mindy C.